Our mission

  • Our job consists in helping grow small, medium and large companies

  • OHP is a company specialized in consultancy services, whose main goal is to promote and support the process of internationalization and implementation in emerging economies to the companies that may request our services

  • OHP developed its commercial network focusing on countries that are considered more attractive in an entrepreneur and commercial manner

  • Currently, OHP operates mainly in southern Europe, Africa and Latin America


OHP is established and operating in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, with great knowledge of these countries, offering personal and agreements with companies in each of them, which garantee the success of any business and entrepreneurship.

Latin America / Europe

OHP is established and operating in Colombia, Spain and Portugal with the same category of positioning than Africa.

OHP is formed by an integrated group of professionals with high value in Spain and the countries in which it operates. This provides a wide commercial vision and leads to initiative investment, from any business perspective.

The real value which differentiates OHP for the companies that relay and trust us is the great knowledge that our personnel, advisors and collaborators, have of these culture and market, plus the full ability to adapt any entrepreneurial and business mindset initiative for the country required.
In short, OHP is an expert in internationalization and implementation of business initiatives in the countries in which operates, transmitting KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND RELIABILITY in deployment of open cases and identification of opportunities.

OHP trough their capabilities and the services that offer to their customers, smooth and prevents the reception of difficulties in this markets from all areas; distance, language, legal, commercial, racing, etc.

Due to its excellent performance, OHP has been gaining prestige within these markets, becoming in these days an exchange commercial reference between Africa-Latin America- Europe.

OHP also proposes to target companies and emerging countries the collaboration to take their products and services to other markets where these are rooted and operating.

Our Values

Companies that rely on OHP receive the same values that we included in any action we undertake. Ethics, Honesty, Commitment, Responsibility, Discipline, Quality and Privacy are, among others, the values that define us.

OHP’s practice prior to any collaboration agreement is the signing of confidentiality document, NDA, ensuring both parties to create a comfortable framework and mutual trust. This document will remain up to 12 months after its extinction, in case a contract of collaboration and services is formalised.

OHP’s principles include exclusivity in certain services to their customers. In this sense, OHP only represents the customers who are not directly or indirectly competition, considering a maximum of four customers per each local responsible party and target market.

OHP makes available for its customers the support staff, and monitoring are necessary for a good compliance and enforcement of the requirements which at the time of the collaboration contract, Customer- OHP, agreed. OHP has by principle to set, within the collaboration contract, the specific action plan that customer may request and th OHP recommends based on their target market knowledge. The customer always has a communication with the OHP, signed exclusively and within a direct professional relationship.

OHP contacts ensures a fluid relationship with the Public Agencies, Institutions and Companies, which speeds the extensive processes in a decisive way. Without the collaboration of the OHP the company would have to bear and assume by itself. This OHP service capability reduces time, resulting, ultimately, in economic savings in the process. OHP heads of accurate, efficient and effective way the necessary steps to comply with the agreed action plan.