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OHP’s practice prior to any collaboration agreement is the signing of confidentiality document, NDA, ensuring both parties to create a comfortable framework and mutual trust. This document will remain up to 12 months after its extinction, in case a contract of collaboration and services is formalised.


OHP’s principles include exclusivity in certain services to their customers. In this sense, OHP only represents the customers who are not directly or indirectly competition, considering a maximum of four customers per each local responsible party and target market.


OHP contacts ensures a fluid relationship with the Public Agencies, Institutions and Companies, which speeds the extensive processes in a decisive way. Without the collaboration of the OHP the company would have to bear and assume by itself.


OHP is aimed at companies that want to export to international markets and especially to emerging.

Offers a comprehensive service in order to respond, effective, many of the issues, needs and difficulties with which the client is in the process of looking for efficient formulas to export their products, brands and / or services in both traditional model of export through distributors, such as choosing appropriate partners for its implementation in these competitive markets.

Integrated Solutions

Internationalize our company is, without any doubt, one of the best ways to add more value and diversity, ensuring its growth.

OHO offers integrated solutions for this process, supporting and advising it to its full implementation in the country.

Our services

Market research

We offer general information of the economic situation of each country, highlighting special importance in information specific for the sector or specific product, export object.


Company analysis
Law Reports
Advice on offers and hiring


Research for customers and importers and management of export process by following the initiated contact with potential customers.

Fair/Exhibition Support

Preparation and general coordination
Broadcast media: Press, mailing, ads
Stand presence with native translators

Representation and Agents

Representation and monitoring the company and trade agreements. Our staff specializes in the configuration and Search Commercial Agent image and Representative and Local Distributor.

Other Services

Opening of subsidiaries and branches
Subsidies and aid for export
Establishment of local branches and

International distribution

Our commitment is

“We say what we do and do what we say”

Supervision during production (SDP)

We can monitor the production programming, overseeing the internal quality control of the factory, conduct random inspections and offer you reports by the staff sent to the factory during the whole process of production.

During Production Inspection (PDI)

The inspection is made when at least 10% of the request is complete. This allows discover problems in the early stages of production, allowing more time to elaborate it again and correct. It also helps you supervise that the production process is in accordance with the schedule.

Prior to Shipment Inspection (PSI)

It is the most effective inspection to confirm the quality of the entire shipment. Typically requires that all the production is completed and at least 80% of the products are already packed in boxes. The analysis shows selected randomly according to our standards.

Supervision cargo container (SCC)

This supervision exists in order to control the charging process by checking the amount of product, the facilities policies of the Container and asserting to the correct handling of their cargo. A simple quality control of quantity carried it before loading to verify that the type of product and packing details meet your needs.