More efficient

Less risk

Higher quality

The service consists of the administration and execution of the full application: We analyze the requirements, including preliminary specifications and dates necessary for the full development of the project.

With our team of skilled people we developed an action plan to facilitate a comprehensive service.

Action plan

  • Location, selection and appraisal conducted by suppliers who have the ability to fulfill the requested requisites
  • Supervision of their given in and audit to assess the performance in general, including production, capacity, media, testing laboratories, personnel qualification, cost control, efficiency, quality, reliability and delivery on time
  • Credit Audit/Social Compliance (ACS)
  • Advice on the most appropriate supplier elected based on the realized study
  • Establish initial contact, negotiations, obtaining initial contributions of elected suppliers
  • Evaluation of the tenders received
  • Negotiation and implementation of purchase contracts that meet the company’s standards and the necessary adjustments (license compliance, regulatory and patents)
  • Management and sending of samples
  • Negotiating and closing of the second purchase with suppliers account statements to ensure mutual satisfaction objectives (request a copy of the contract supplier for you)
  • Ensure that the product is delivered on time, the negotiated price and meeting all the requested quality requisites
  • Interlocution with suppliers to the resolution of issues

Supervision during production (SDP)

We can monitor the production programming, overseeing the internal quality control of the factory, conduct random inspections and offer you reports by the staff sent to the factory during the whole process of production.

During Production Inspection (PDI)

The inspection is made when at least 10% of the request is complete. This allows discover problems in the early stages of production, allowing more time to elaborate it again and correct. It also helps you supervise that the production process is in accordance with the schedule.

Prior to Shipment Inspection (PSI)

It is the most effective inspection to confirm the quality of the entire shipment. Typically requires that all the production is completed and at least 80% of the products are already packed in boxes. The analysis shows selected randomly according to our standards.

Supervision cargo container (SCC)

This supervision exists in order to control the charging process by checking the amount of product, the facilities policies of the Container and asserting to the correct handling of their cargo. A simple quality control of quantity carried it before loading to verify that the type of product and packing details meet your needs.


Management and management of logistics processes from various points of China to the air or shipping destination contemplating the management of local customs, certifications and all necessary documentation.

Additional services


    Design, printing and production of brochures, displays, POS based on requirements and final Art by the customer.